Less risk of a hip fracture, in a comfortable way!

Why hip protection?

Many people find fall prevention an annoying subject to talk about. However, it is a problem that deserves the necessary attention. On average, 88,000 people end up needing emergency aid after a fall every year. In some 15,000 of these cases, hip fracture occurs.

What is a hip protector?

A hip protector consists of a comfortable item of underwear with a special protection element, often made of a strong foam. This reduces the impact in the case of a fall and the risk of a fracture or bruising is reduced.

Hip protectors from Comfortable

The Comfort Hip Protector is a comfortable hip protector that reduces the risk of a hip fracture in a simple way. Hip protectors are often worn incorrectly due to lack of comfort or difficulty in putting them on and taking them off. That is why the designers of the Comfort Hip Protector looked at the comfort and user-friendliness. The protector is not visible under clothing, and feels so comfortable that you want to keep it on day and night.


Color: white, black or beige.

Sizes: XS to XXXL

Also available with an open crotch.


Kleur: wit, zwart of beige.

Maten: XS t/m XXXL

Ook mogelijk met een open kruis.


Tests in home care: The high shock absorption significantly reduces the risk of hip fracture. Tests in home care have shown that wearers developed more self-confidence in their freedom of movement.

Scientific research: Scientific research shows that hip protectors significantly reduce the risk of hip fracture and other effects of a side-down fall. In the case of the Comfort Hip Protector, as much as 60% of the energy that is released in the event of a fall is absorbed.

Comfortable selling points!

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  • ShaGah Fasioncare Inc
  • Medipoint – Nederland
  • Untenmaa Oy – Finland
  • Mac Med Healthcare – Australië
  • Humancare Ltd – Ierland
  • Shucube GmbH – Oostenrijk
  • Clevisto – Duitsland


What is the Comfort Hip Protector?

The Comfort Hip Protector is underwear equipped with a protective elements to reduce the risk of hip fracture in the event of a fall. method!

How does the Comfort Hip Protector work

In the pants are on the protective elements of “Sands” so that 60% of the impact is absorbed during a fall.

What is Sands material?

Sands is a thin and elastic material that adapts in a smart and skin-friendly way to the contours of the body in an improved form.

When would you wear such underwear?

Experience shows that most of the fall risks occur in the evening and night. If you are still fine on your feet, but you are within a risk group, then you can wear the underwear during sports for example.

Are the pants visible under normal clothing?

The material is so thin and flexible that it can be worn comfortably and almost invisibly.

Does the material have special washing requirements?

Remove the protective elements and wash the underwear at 60ºC or 90ºC. In the first washing, the pants can shrink by 8%. The protective elements should be washed separately by hand at 40ºC. They must not go in the dryer or come into contact with chlorine.

Do you need to pay the costs for this preventative care yourself?

Several insurers reimburse part of the cost in a supplementary package. Check this in your policy or ask your insurer.